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Jacksonville Careless Driving Ticket Lawyer
Jacksonville Careless Driving Ticket Attorney

When you receive a Jacksonville careless driving ticket you have options. You should consult an experienced Jacksonville careless driving ticket lawyer to learn what you are facing. An experienced Jacksonville careless driving attorney can explain the best way to achieve the results you are looking for.

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If you receive a Jacksonville careless driving ticket you should contact a Jacksonville careless driving ticket lawyer. Life is busy in Jacksonville with work, school, sports, beaches and night life but paying a Jacksonville careless driving ticket can have long term consequences.

Paying a Jacksonville careless driving ticket might be fast but fast will get you the worst possible result. The truth is that paying a careless driving ticket in Jacksonville will put points on your license, adjudicate you guilty and will likely increase your insurance rates for years.

Insurance rates might increase if property damage is involved regardless of the resolution of your case in traffic court. If your insurance company determines that you caused the accident withholding adjudication will not prevent insurance increases.

If the officer did not see the accident additional witnesses will be required to prove a Jacksonville careless driving case. This is a result of the accident report privilege.

Non-accident Jacksonville careless driving tickets specific requirements must be met to establish careless driving. The officer must show that life, limb or property was endangered by the driving. This is a judgment call in many cases. A Jacksonville careless driving ticket attorney can present your case and challenge the evidence against you.

Don’t pay a Jacksonville careless driving ticket without speaking to a Jacksonville careless driving ticket lawyer.

How much does a Jacksonville careless driving ticket cost? The short answer is $164.

Additional consequences of a Jacksonville careless driving
include insurance increases and the cost of 4 points on your license if it is later suspended. The actual cost will likely be much higher if you pay a Jacksonville careless driving ticket.


In 2010 Jacksonville area including Duval County had 12,567 careless driving tickets. The statistics for Jacksonville area drivers are not complete. The number of drivers that paid the Jacksonville careless driving is not available currently on FLHSMV’s site. If a Jacksonville driver pays a careless driving citation they will be adjudicated guilty, points will be added to their license and their insurance will likely increase. Just under 38% of Jacksonville careless driving tickets were adjudicated guilty at court or by payment and had points assessed against their license. Nearly 11% of all Jacksonville careless driving tickets in 2010 were dismissed, nolle prosequied or found not guilty. Just under 23% had to pay a fine and court cost but had adjudication withheld and did not receive points on their license. Another 38% elected to take one of the five lifetime class elections.. If a Jacksonville careless driving ticket attorney is retained your appearance can be waived. No missed work, no lost vacation, no mad boss and your case can be handled by a trained traffic ticket attorney.

Jacksonville Careless Driving Ticket Statistics
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