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Daytona Beach Careless Driving Attorney
Kevin J. Pitts
386 451 5112

If you are accused of careless driving in Volusia County you should contact Volusia County careless driving attorney Kevin J. Pitts. Mr. Pitts focuses his practice on Volusia County traffic tickets and Volusia County DUI defense. Careless driving cases can have numerous defenses. Generally you have two types of careless driving cases. The first type that we see is an accident and the second type is usually driving that irritates an officer. Both of these types of cases have strong defenses. One of the problems the police have with accident cases is that the officer usually doesn't see the accident. The police officer then needs the other driver to show up with them. If either party misses court the case should be dismissed. The officer also has the burden to establish a factual basis on the citation. Just writing careless driving is insufficient to put the defendant on notice. If your driving offends an officer that is not sufficient to sustain a conviction for careless driving unless you endanger someone else's person or property. Although I do not advise you to do it under the law you can do doughnuts in an empty parking lot all day long. You will be cited for careless driving but unless it endangers a person or property the case should be dismissed.

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A Volusia County careless driving lawyer can usually avoid points on your license. Of the 4,541 careless driving tickets in Volusia County in 2012 only 1,496 requested a hearing or just over 32%. Of those 1,496 cases that went to court 677 were dismissed, 25 were not guilty, 2 were nolle prosequied. Just over 47% of the cases went away without any fines, court costs or points on the accused's license. Another 539 cases had adjudication withheld or just over 36%. If you recieve a careless driving ticket in Volusia County call call Volusia County traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts at 386-451-5112 today for a free cunsultation.

Volusia County Ticket Attorney Kevin J. Pitts

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