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Traffic tickets are big business for law enforcement in Osceola County and careless driving is one of the most common moving violations after speeding, toll violations and red light tickets. In 2012 Osceola County had 2,744 careless driving tickets. If you are accused of careless driving in Osceola County you have multiple options. DO NOT PAY THAT KISSIMMEE, ST. CLOUD, CELEBRATION OR OSCEOLA COUNTY CARELESS DRIVING TICKET unless you talk to Osceola County careless driving ticket lawyer Kevin J. Pitts to learn about your options. Paying a traffic ticket adjudicates you guilty which can inflate your insurance rates and puts points on your license. This is the worst possible result. Osceola County careless driving attorney Kevin J. Pitts can take steps to keep points off your license and might be able to get that careless driving ticket in Osceola County completely dismissed.

Lake County Careless Driving Attorney

Option 1: Is to pay the civil penalty as stated on the citation. This will result in 4 points on your driver’s license, an adjudication of guilt and most likely a substantial increase in insurance rates.
Option 2: Hire Attorney Kevin J. Pitts And Enter a Plea of Not Guilty. This gives you an opportunity to contest the ticket or to get a withhold of adjudication keeping points off your license.
Option 3: Elect to Attend Traffic School. This allows you to avoid the points but you will not have an opportunity to beat the ticket and will be required to pay for the citation and school within thirty days.
Option 4: Enter a Plea of Nolo Contendre. This is not really a separate option in an Osceola County careless driving case. If option 2 is elected, this option can be elected at court prior to the hearing if it looks like the case cannot be won. This can be a separate option in many non-moving violation cases like a failure to display a valid driver's license (fix it tickets).

Call Osceola County careless driving attorney Kevin J. Pitts today at 407-883-6853 to set up a free initial consultation. If you are accused of reckless driving in Osceola County click here for more information. Reckless driving and careless driving are very similar and are often confused but the punishment for a reckless driving case can be much more serious. Reckless driving is a criminal traffic offense that can result in a maximum punishment of 90 days in jail or up to 6 months of probation. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts focuses his practice on criminal defense and traffic defense in Central Florida.

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