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If you receive a St. Petersburg careless driving ticket you have options. DO NOT PAY A ST. PETE CARELESS DRIVING TICKET unless you consult an experienced Pinellas County careless driving ticket lawyer to learn about the options you have. Paying a traffic ticket adjudicates you guilty which is the worst possible result. An experienced St. Petersburg careless driving attorney can explain the best way to achieve the results you are looking for and can take steps to keep points off your license and might be able to get that careless driving ticket dismissed.

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Option 1: Pay the Civil Penalty as Stated on Citation. This results in an adjudication of guilt placing four points on your license for a St. Petersburg careless driving ticket. Just over 45% of individuals charged with Pinellas County careless driving pay the ticket to be found guilty.

Option 2: Enter a Plea of Not Guilty. This is how you either contest the St. Petersburg careless driving ticket or ask for the court to withhold adjudication if the class is not available. A St. Petersburg careless driving attorney can resolve the case without your personal appearance. This option is attractive in careless driving cases because the driver of the other car in accident cases often needs to appear for the case to get past a dismissal. In non-crash careless driving cases the driving must endanger person or property. Around 24% of Pinellas County drivers chose to enter a plea of not guilty.

Option 3: Elect to Attend Traffic School. This is only an option if a traffic school has not been elected in the past year. A traffic school can only be elected five times during your life. 30% of Pinellas County careless driving tickets were resolved with traffic school.

Option 4: Enter a Plea of Nolo Contendre. This is not really a separate option in a St. Petersburg careless driving case. If option 2 is elected this option can be elected at court prior to the hearing. This can be a separate option in non-moving violation cases (fix it tickets).

Information provided by Daytona Beach DUI Attorney Kevin J. Pitts

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