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Seminole County Careless Driving Attorney
Kevin J. Pitts
407 268 3688

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  If you are cited for careless driving in Seminole County you should contact Seminole County careless driving attorney Kevin Pitts. Mr. Pitts focuses on defending civil and criminal traffic tickets. Careless driving cases have many common defenses. Generally we see 2 types of careless driving. The 1st is in accident cases and the 2nd type is usually driving that offends an officer. Both of these types of cases have defenses. One of the problems the police have with accident cases is that the officer usually doesn't see the crash. The state then needs the other driver to show up along with the officer. If either party misses court the case should be dismissed. The officer also has state a factual basis on the citation. Just writing careless driving is insufficient to put the driver on notice. If your driving offends an officer that is not sufficient to sustain a conviction for careless driving unless you endanger someone else's person or property. Although I do not advise you to do it under the careless driving law you can do doughnuts in an empty parking lot all day long. You will be cited for careless driving but unless it endangers a person or property the case will be dismissed.
  Paying a Seminole County careless driving ticket gets you the worst possible result. You will be adjudicated guilty, points will be on your license and your insurance will probably increase. Seminole County had 5,419 careless driving citations in 2012. Only 1,289 of those careless driving cases went to court. 830 were not guilty or dismissed and 372 had adjudication withheld. Just over 6% of the careless driving cases that went to court avoided points. That means that over 93% of the people that
challenged their careless driving citation came out better than if they would have paid the ticket.

Seminole County Ticket Attorney Kevin J. Pitts

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Sanford, FL 32773
Office: 407-268-3688

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